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We repair all brands dishwashers in Rockwall, TX such as Kitchen Aid dishwashers, Kenmore dishwashers, Whirlpool dishwashers, GE dishwashers, Hotpoint dishwashers, Maytag dishwashers, Amana dishwashers and many more. (view the complete brands list we work on). We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for dishwasher repairs in Rockwall, TX and there is no extra charge for the weekend or night appointments. Our dishwasher repair service call is Free with the repair and all the work is guaranteed for 1 year.

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We provide dishwasher repair to all Rockwall, TX zip codes and surrounding cities. The following areas correspond to our Appliance service areas:

Balch Springs

Red Oak


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We have been in Coppell Appliance Repair business for eight years. For immediate Rockwall, TX dishwasher repair service call us 24/7 out our toll free number:

800 208-2612

You can also can contact us by the email. Just send us your name, a brief description of the dishwasher problem and your contact information.

Please read these preventative and easy-to-repair tips. However if your dishwasher problem cannot be resolved with our easy tips, consider calling us for an appointment. We will be happy to help.

How to Buy a Dishwasher

It’s a household truism that once you have experienced life with a dishwasher, there’s no going back to a dishpan and rubber gloves. With the average dishwasher lasting 10 years or more, buying the right dishwasher for your family is an important investment. Follow the buying guide below to determine what kind of dishwasher you need.

Space. The standard-sized, built-in dishwasher needs a 24-inch space under a countertop. It also requires access to an electrical socket, a hot-water pipe and drain. Smaller, 18-inch built-in models are available and can wash about six to eight place settings in one load.

Type. As mentioned above, built-in dishwashers are installed under a countertop and require you hook them up to plumbing and electrical lines Renters or people who don’t need to use their dishwasher frequently may want to consider buying a portable or countertop model. These will need to be attached (via an adaptor) to the faucet while in use. Design-focused homeowners have begun installing two-drawer dishwashers. While pricier than standard models, they allow you to wash smaller loads without wasting energy running the whole machine.

Energy. Standard-sized Energy Star dishwashers use less than 5.8 gallons of water per cycle. While they save on water, energy-efficient models tend to run longer to get the dishes clean. Look for dishwashers with quick-wash cycles to save more water. If your electricity usage fluctuates depending on the time of day, opt for a dishwasher that has delay-start capacity. This allows you to set the timer and run the dishwasher when the rates are lowest. Economy or energy-saver cycles air dry your dishes, which saves resources and lowers your utility bill.

Washing Cycles. Even low-cost washers come with three standard cycles: light, regular and heavy for pots and pans. While these are usually sufficient for most households, additional cycles increase the convenience of your dishwasher. Some fancier (and pricier) models have offer pot-scrubber, steam clean, sanitize, and china and crystal settings. Rinse/hold cycles allow you to clean the food and residue off your dishes, then let them sit until you have enough for a full load.

Filters. Dishwashers come with one of two types of filters: self-cleaning or manual. Self-cleaning filters have a grinder, which breaks up the pieces of food before sending it down the drain. Manual types need to be cleaned by you to remove pieces of food.

Jets. The position and number of water jets is very important when considering a dishwasher. Three-tiered jets spray water over a greater area inside the appliance, which means cleaner dishes and flatware. But beware, more jets usually mean a higher price tag.

If you need professional assistance for your Rockwall, TX dishwasher repair needs, call us 24/7:

800 208-2612

Or send an appointment request online at To do so, please specify your name, address and a brief nature of the dishwasher problem. Once we receive your request we will contact you as soon as possible.